pizzaA pizza restaurant is a great entrepreneurial opportunity. Are you only selling pizzas, or are you offering pizzas along with an extensive menu within a full-service restaurant setting? Pizza restaurants alone are considered to be cheap start-ups compared to many other businesses. With smaller start-up costs in play, you can get those pizzas flying out of the oven and out the door. But you need the right pizza oven first.

The type of pizza oven you choose has everything to do with the way you want to make those pizza pies. It also has everything to do with the space you have and the volume of pizzas you are going to be turning out for those customers. Before you even go there, however, you need to choose the type of oven first. For example, do you want a gas or an electric pizza oven? There are advantages to each.

These days, more pizza places are realizing the draw of a wood-fired pizza oven, too. People prefer that brick oven or wood-fired pizza. As mentioned, you have to think about the type of pizza you want to serve to the public. If you want a wood-fired oven, do you want a black oven or a white oven? Oh yes, you are going to have to get to know the terminology, as it has everything to do with the type of pizzas you turn out, and the space in which you are cooking those pizzas.

delicious pizzaThere are cast iron wood-fired ovens, brick ovens, adobe ovens and more. Each business has its own specific needs. For example, let’s say you are going to be operating a food truck. The best choice for your business would be an electric pizza oven. As you figure out the type of oven you need, you can then start thinking about production capabilities.

There are pizza convection ovens, and then there are pizza deck ovens. You have another choice as well, and that is a conveyor oven. The brick ovens fall into the middle category. You also need to match the oven to the space you have as mentioned. You want your operation to be efficient, and so a proper plan must be in place.

The pizza ovens also have varying price tags as you can imagine. You can buy a convection oven for as cheap as $1k. Yet don’t imagine that you’re going to be turning out high volume with an oven like that. Pizza ovens can cost tens of thousands more depending on what you need, so now is the time to make that decision for your business.