Pizza is a treat enjoyed by people the world over, but few know how simple it is to make at home. Chefs and enthusiasts alike share a love for pizza and all of its possibilities for creating the perfect dish to fill any hungry stomach. Because it is so versatile, there are multitudes of variations that satisfy any craving: from pepperoni to white pesto, pizza reigns supreme at the meal of choice. For the curious and adventurous, provides insight on these pies.

Handmade pizza has a long tradition and has been used for many purposes. Originally it was used to determine to proper temperature in large stone ovens, and then it became a staple part of the underclass diet. Since then it has skyrocketed in popularity to become a preferred medium for any type of topping, and it can be made by anyone.

Traditionalists to prefer the Pizza Margherita: a flatbread dough covered with tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil in the representation of the Italian flag. With this backdrop for pizza, traditional pies usually favor a tomato sauce and white cheese beneath a myriad of toppings. Pizza all over the world has a variety of toppings, some more strange than others. Pepperoni is a highly popular topping in the United States, while Eastern Europe and Ukraine include toppings like corn or cabbage on their pies.

Some people also enjoy unconventional pizza choices. Instead of a tomato based sauce, some prefer to have a white sauce while others argue that pesto is the best choice. All of these create a truly unique flavor that works well combined with unique toppings. Those who enjoy a white sauce might prefer to have a bacon and chopped tomato topping, while those who prefer pesto argue passionately for chicken and mushroom. All of these attest to the possible varieties in pizza making! Champion Pizza does a great job of making great pizzas that you will enjoy. I highly recommend checking them out.

For the individual or family at home, making a handmade pizza is a great way to enjoy a delicious meal together. Pizzas made at home tend to be cheaper and are super simple to make. Following any recipe, any person can create a fabulous pizza crust, develop their favorite sauce, and then explore the realm of toppings.

The exact method for creating a pizza is simple, though it does vary a little by the recipe. For people creating an entire pie from scratch, it begins with making the dough. The basic ingredients for dough are water, flour, salt, and yeast. Variations include olive oil, sugar, and spices, and some recipes offer alternative suggestions for things like “pizza scones”. The sauce comes next. Most pizzas have a tomato sauce with ingredients like basil, olive oil, and garlic, but there are tons of alternatives and additional flavors one could add. After that, there are the cheese and toppings. Almost any type of cheese can be used, but the most popular are mozzarella and provolone. Commercial pizzas prefer to put the toppings on over the cheese so that they can be shown off. Others enjoy putting the toppings underneath the cheese so that the toppings can become extra bubbly. The beauty of it is that there is no right way to do it – making a homemade pizza ensures that the best possible recipe is created for everyone’s enjoyment!